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MAXIMA PRO PLUS+ 4T 10W40 SYNTHETIC 3.8L / 128OZ (BOX QTY 4) MA30-029128 Pro Plus+ Full-synthetic, ester-fortified 4-stroke engine oil.
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RRP $54.95 (EACH) inc GST
TLD 23 SPRINT JERSEY LE REDBULL RAMPAGE LOGO CAMO 32306400 TLD Sprint Jersey Perfect for playing at the local bike park, attacking the downhill track, or mixing it up in the enduro scene.
RRP $84.95 (EACH) inc GST
RRP $74.95 (EACH) inc GST
MAXIMA BIO WASH PUMP SPRAY 1L / 34OZ (BOX QTY 12) MA80-85932 Bio Wash Specially engineered surfactants lower surface tension, allowing better penetration and wetting of solids.
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SDG GRIP THRICE 31 LOCK ON BLACK 3100 Thrice 31 Grip Packed full of comfort and traction features on a dual density, integrated lock-on design.
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CROSSMARK II 29 X 2.25 EXO TR FOLD 60TPI TB96795100 Maxxis Crossmark II Designed for speed, revised for control
RRP $84.95 (EACH) inc GST