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Product Code: AVSF002
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Armor Vision revolutionary and much hyped (all for good reason!) Tear off replacement system is taking the World by storm.. Super hard coating with hydrophobic properties mean this product is a industry innovator.. Mud, Dust and Sand that does stick, wipes away cleanly in almost all conditions! Tried and tested by top Athletes World wide with more joining the revolution daily. 

  • Save money, use one lens for months on end!
  • More environmentally friendly than tear offs
  • Reliability, no more broken roll offs!
  • Endless wipes, never run out of clear vision mid moto
  • Available in 36mm or 50mm film
  • Pack of 3

SmartFilm® is the ultimate solution for those seeking unparalleled durability and clarity. Our multiple iterations have led to the clearest vision, even in the toughest conditions. Tear-offs are quickly becoming a thing of the past, even when used under a Roll-Off system SmartFilm® stays scratch-free, which means your expensive lenses remain scratch-free too.
SmartFilm® represents a ground-breaking paradigm shift in vision protection. Our decades of research and development have led to an advanced UV coating and a special adhesive formulation, created specifically for our requirements. Our inspiration came from renowned tech giants, and we didn't stop there.

Our hydrophobic layer is a game-changer and sets ArmorVision | SmartFilm® apart. It has to be seen to be believed! Beneath the surface lies a layer of unparalleled hardness that we have named HISC™. This innovation has withstood the wire-wool challenge, making SmartFilm® the world's first race-tested, wire-wool-tested lens protection product.

ArmorVision | SmartFilm® has earned international recognition, boasting a coveted registered trademark and a suite of granted design patents. We keep our guarded secret close to our chest. SmartFilm® is a testament to our commitment to redefining vision safety, as the old ways die out.

HISC™ Elevating Vision Protection to the Next Level
We believe that your safety and clarity of vision should never be compromised.
That's why we introducedHISC™ High Impact Surface Coating.More than just a name, HISC™ is the emblem of trust, a brand mark that instils instant confidence in your purchase.

HISC™ represents the future of safety in vision protection, seamlessly integrated into every product we offer. It assures that your vision remains crystal clear, even in the harshest conditions. With HISC™, abrasions and scratches are a thing of the past, and water beads up and rolls away, leaving your vision unobstructed.

HISC™ is the symbol of excellence, reliability, and innovation. It's your guarantee of superior performance, durability, and peace of mind.

Choose HISC™ and experience a new standard in vision protection - where safety meets vision and confidence meets your pockets and peace of mind.