Bicycle Frames & Complete Bikes

FORBIDDEN SUPERNOUGHT V1 V1SUPERNOUGHT-   There is no filler here, folks. This bike is designed and built for a single purpose: Get you down the hill faster, delivering a fighter jet of a downhill mountain bike.
RRP $6999.95 (EACH) inc GST
FORBIDDEN DREADNOUGHT V2 V2DREADNOUGHT-   Dreadnought forged a new path for performance high pivot bikes and cemented the platform’s category-defying nature.
RRP $7299.95 (EACH) inc GST
FORBIDDEN DRUID V2 V2DRUID-   Druid is the modern wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its high pivot With geometry that effortlessly balances stability and agility
RRP $6299.95 (EACH) inc GST